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Customer Experience – Starting Point for Your Packaging Design

Reluctant Black Friday Shoppers Our family is typically low key on Black Friday avoiding most of the chaos associated with that day. Family tradition for us is to visit our local superstore for free donuts and juice a couple hours

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eCommerce Update | FedEx and UPS Ground Shipments

          With a busy schedule, our family is a huge fan of Zappos. Order what you want in the convenience of your own home when you want it. We love the world class customer service and

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Sustainable Packaging | Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace

Cascadia Packaging Group was recently featured in a Taiga Company blog post Sustainable Packaging 101. Taiga Company is a leading sustainability and social media consulting firm that helps clients embrace sustainability in their operations and engagement with their customers. This

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Footprints + Packaging | Leaving a Lasting Impression

At home and work, we are all consumers of products and packaging.  Well-designed packaging looks great, is easy to unpack, and results in minimal packaging waste.  Packaging is functioning at it best when not noticed.  What was the last remarkable

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Happy New Year | Creating New Endings

Happy New Year!  Many of us spend this time of year to reflect on our successes (and failures) of the past year.  The holiday break is also a great time to step back and develop a new strategic vision for

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Walking the Supply Chain | Looking Beyond Assumptions

“If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true is really true, there would be little hope of advance” – Orville Wright The success of new product launches is typically based on some primary supply chain

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Talking Trash | Tracking Your Bottom Line

Whether at home or work, we all generate waste via the consumption of goods and services.   Best case, we either reuse or recycle our waste.  As a last resort, our waste is sent to landfill via truck and rail via

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Keeping An Eye On Your Packaging Waste and Bottom Line

Businesses generate a large portion of the estimated 32 million tons of cardboard discarded annually in the US.  Fortunately, according to the EPA’s Municipal Solid Waste in the United States: 2010 Facts and Figures, 85% (27.2M tons) of those boxes

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Follow the Supply Chain | Management by Walking Around

Great leadership starts with a solid understanding of a company’s operations.  Renowned author and speaker, Tom Peters (@tom_peters) mentioned the term “Management by Walking Around” (MBWA) in his groundbreaking book In Search of Excellence (1982).  MBWA is still relevant thirty

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