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Molded Pulp Corner Protectors | Orbital Holding Systems

Molded pulp is a packaging material typically made from recycled paperboard and/or newsprint that has been in use for many decades.  It is commonly used for protective packaging or for food service trays and beverage carriers.  Other typical uses include

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5 Strategies to Great eCommerce Packaging

Selling products online is a lot different then traditional Brick-and-mortar retailers, and the packaging should be too. Consumers have different expectations when purchasing a product online, plus packages have different requirements and see different damage in the single parcel distribution

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Celebrating Earth Day Beyond Today

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22 to raise awareness of environmental issues and to challenge people to take action to improve the environment. It was founded in the United States in the 1970’s as a response

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5 Steps to Reduce Your Packaging Waste

            5 Steps to Reduce Your Packaging Waste Packaging is often overlooked as an opportunity for cost and waste reductions in manufacturing operations. Here’s five simple steps to start you journey of minimizing your packaging

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Molded Fiber Packaging

Custom Molded Fiber Pulp Tray

Cascadia Packaging Group offers our customers custom molded fiber packaging solutions.  Molded fiber packaging is an eco-friendly, green option offering part protection, recycled content, and ease of recycling by your customers.  It is a great alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS)

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Sustainable Packaging | Who should drive change?

We recently toured a Pacific Northwest company that manufactures products for the outdoor recreational industry.  Great company with a strong track record of designing and supplying world class products for almost three decades. They have a diverse customer base including

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Rethinking Your Packaging

According to the 2010 data published by the US Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generated 250 Million Tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) or 4.4 Lbs per Person daily before recycling.  First the good news….  We are now recycling 34% of

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