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eCommerce Update | FedEx and UPS Ground Shipments

          With a busy schedule, our family is a huge fan of Zappos. Order what you want in the convenience of your own home when you want it. We love the world class customer service and

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Intelligent Cart Systems

High Density Kitting Protective Separators

Intelligent cart systems are strategically designed to integrate in our clients supply chain and logistics operations.  Cascadia Packaging Group works with our clients to develop and implement solutions supporting enterprise wide supply chain solutions.  We strive to offer solutions that

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Sustainability: Keeping it Simple

Sustainabililiy: A Bottom Line Approach

A recent webcast sponsored by the GreenBiz Group, “Smart Moves: Supply-Chain Decisions that Save Fuel, Cut Costs, and Reduce Emissions”, highlighted strategic efforts to save fuel and reduce emissions within the supply chain.  Central to these efforts is the focus

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Follow the Supply Chain | Management by Walking Around

Great leadership starts with a solid understanding of a company’s operations.  Renowned author and speaker, Tom Peters (@tom_peters) mentioned the term “Management by Walking Around” (MBWA) in his groundbreaking book In Search of Excellence (1982).  MBWA is still relevant thirty

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