Sustainability: Keeping it Simple

Sustainabililiy: A Bottom Line Approach

A recent webcast sponsored by the GreenBiz Group, “Smart Moves: Supply-Chain Decisions that Save Fuel, Cut Costs, and Reduce Emissions”, highlighted strategic efforts to save fuel and reduce emissions within the supply chain.  Central to these efforts is the focus on cost reductions  and smart business practices.

The primary strategies were summarized by Heather Clancy in her article “5 Rules for Carbon-Efficient Shipping”:

“….strategies include reconsidering the specific mode of transportation, introducing better regional forecasting, optimizing transportation networks, and changing packaging and pallet sizes so that more items fit within a single load.”

Stephen Silva, Senior VP of Global Logistics at Hasbro, mentioned that improved logistics with a focus on bottom line savings also drives sustainability.  Packaging and pallet loads should be designed for optimal cube utilization based on the mode of transport.  Optimized packaging design also minimizes handling costs and packaging waste.

Feeling overwhelmed about how best to meet your company’s sustainability goals?  Keep it simple and maintain your focus on your bottom line.  Sustainability improvements will follow.

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