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Life is complex.  Most of us try to balance this complexity by striving to live a more simplistic life.  Sound familiar?  Albert Einstein developed theories explaining the universe based on everyday observations throughout his life.  He succeeded in tackling complex ideas and simplifying them into theories that continue to be validated with newer, more accurate technologies.

“Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.” – Albert Einstein

At Cascadia Packaging, we work with our clients to understand their unique needs.  We strive to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions.  We recently worked with a biotechnology company to investigate and propose a custom packaging solution to best support their internal processes.

Our client was using the original shipping cartons with foam inserts to store and organize small lens filters used in their operations.  While a great idea to reuse existing packaging, the cartons held too few quantities of the filters and also varied in size.  Cascadia Packaging was challenged to explore custom container options that held higher quantities of their filters with custom foam cutouts.  Our challenge was to offer a creative, cost-effective solution to meet their needs.

Cascadia Packaging designed a couple different interior foam options that fit inside two different sized standard protective cases.  Our initial proposal was for custom waterjet fabricated foam inserts.  However, to due to the low volumes, this is was not a viable option.  Based on initial feedback from our client, we proposed moving forward with a Pelican 1470 Protective Case with Pick N Pluck foam interior.  This allowed our client to easily customize the foam meeting their unique needs.

Our client benefited from standard cases with foam interiors that were easily customized by them to meet their needs.  As their needs change, the protective cases can be reused in the future for other uses as well.  Cascadia Packaging is also available to design and fabricate custom foam interiors as well.  How can we best support your custom packaging needs?

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