Reusable Transport Packaging | Improving supply chain efficiencies

Reusable Transport PackagingCompanies are striving to drive cost and waste reductions in their supply chain to enhance their profitability.  Transport packaging consisting of pallets, crates, cartons, stretch wrap, strapping and other expendable packaging  materials has been largely overlooked by many firms.  Some industries such as automotive, retail, and distribution have already implemented reusable transport packaging solutions in their supply chains.

Benefits of reusable transport packaging include the following:

  • Cost reductions via elimination of packaging materials
  • Lower freight costs through efficient cube utilization
  • Optimized material handling via standardized footprints
  • Improved stackability
  • Less product damage

Not sure where to start your journey?  The Reusable Packaging Association and Stop Waste Business Partnership are a couple great resources.  Wishing you success along your reusable transport packaging journey.



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