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Reusable_Mailer_EnvelopeCascadia Packaging Group offers our clients a wide range of custom reusable and returnable packaging solutions supporting a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, and eCommerce.  In a previous post, we highlighted the development of a custom reusable padded bag developed for an aerospace client to eliminate use of expendable plastic bubblewrap to protect electrical connectors during just-in-time (JIT) shipments of aircraft interiors to a major aerospace OEM.

A client recently discovered our custom reusable padded bag solution online and requested that we develop a reusable envelope for courier pickup and deliveries instead of using single-use padded paper or plastic mailers.  Primary benefits would be cost savings and elimination of the packaging waste.  Their shipments were within a closed loop system and a great application for reusable mailers.

Upon initial review, we advised our client that our custom reusable padded bag was overkill for their application.  We researched alternatives to offer them a more cost effective option.  Cascadia Packaging proposed a reusable, padded mailer with a Velcro and zipper closure.  The mailers are water resistant and a cost effective option to standard paper / plastic padded mailers.  They are available in three standard sizes based on existing one-way padded mailers.  Custom printing and colors are available to be consistent with your branding and logos.

These padded mailers offer our clients ease of use and a long life space of designed for a minimum of 50 trips.  They also feature a label removal system allowing for application and removal of standard UPS, FedEx, or USPS shipping labels on the front.


Custom printing and colors are available to be consistent with your branding and logos.  Common applications for these padded mailers include interoffice shipments, courier deliveries, and subscription services.  Contact us for additional details and to determine how best we can support your custom reusable packaging needs.

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