Reusable Aircraft Interior Shipping Cart


Aerospace manufacturers are challenging their suppliers to develop innovative supply chain and packaging solutions to reduce costs and eliminate waste.  Cascadia Packaging Group recently developed and implemented a custom reusable cart for just-in-time (JIT) shipments of aircraft interiors to a major Aircraft manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest.

Aircraft interior monuments such as Lavatories and Galleys are typically shipped via expendable packaging such as wood pallets and plywood crates.  Our client was challenged to implement a returnable packaging solution supporting JIT deliveries to final assembly at the aircraft manufacturer that could be moved without use of mechanical handling via forklift.  Additionally, the cart was to allow for ease of access to the operators during manufacturing and assembly.

Primary benefits of our reusable cart solution included elimination of the wood pallet at the customer, ease of material handling, and a work platform allowing for operator access to the part.  The carts are returned to our client for reuse for future shipments back to their customer.  How can we support your strategic supply chain and reusable packaging needs?

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