Probe Box Custom Foam Insert

Probe Box Custom Foam Insert-6

Custom foam cushions and inserts are used in a variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive, biomedical, and consumer goods. Applications include interior protective packaging, blocking, part presentation, and kitting in JIT manufacturing operations. Another important application is for protection of fragile instrumentation, cameras, and tooling.
Cascadia Packaging Group recently worked with a client that is an engineering and manufacturing firm that designs industrial systems for the composting industry. They reached out to us to fabricate and source a two-piece custom foam insert to protect and contain electronic monitoring systems for their products in the field. The application required that the custom foam insert be temperature and weather resistant.

The solution was a die cut polyethylene, closed cell custom foam insert. Initial design and first article was fabricated from our clients’ computer-aided design (CAD) IGES files. Insert was sized to fit inside a weather resistant probe box. First article review was successful and required a minor revision to ensure fit. Inserts were delivered to our clients’ to support their production schedule.

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