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Custom_Sewn_Padded_Reusable_ProtectorWe work with our clients to deliver innovative solutions that provide part protection while minimizing packaging labor and waste. Often, problems lead to opportunities. Motivational speaker and author, Robert Kiyosaki said it best by saying “Inside every problem lies an opportunity.”

In a previous blog posting, Reusable Aircraft Interior Shipping Cart, we highlighted our efforts to design and implement a reusable cart for shipments of aircraft interiors to a major aircraft manufacturer final assembly area. These returnable carts eliminated expendable wood pallets for deliveries to our clients’ OEM customer and also provided a work platform in the supply chain. Overall, this project was a success.

A part protection plan was developed for shipment of the aircraft monuments. However, we overlooked the need to protect the monument when a door was in the open position during the inspection process. Thin protective foam was applied and taped to the shipping cart eliminating potential of damage to the door.

We designed and implemented a reusable custom sewn padded protector with a Velcro strap allowing for ease of installation and removal. Implementation of this protector resulted in an elimination of packaging waste and labor savings associated with installation/removal of the expendable foam. It also eliminated materials that could become a foreign object debris (FOD) concern in the aircraft manufacturer final assembly area.

While we strive to implement an ideal solution for a given situation, we remain flexible and nimble to solve a problem when presented. What problems do you have in your manufacturing, supply chain, and kitting operations that are an opportunity in disguise? When opportunity knocks, will you be ready to open the door to creative solutions?


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