Electrical Cabinet Assembly Hanging Bag Rack

electrical_cabinet_assembly_hanging_bag_rackManufacturers in varied industries such as aerospace, automotive, and biomedical, are continually striving to reduce costs and waste in their supply chains. Often changes in sourcing and supply chain strategies can lead to new opportunities that were not previously viable. Also leveraging solutions from other industries might lead to a new perspective and innovative solutions.
Cascadia Packaging worked with a client to develop a returnable, reusable packaging solution supporting local just-in-time (JIT) shipments of electrical cabinet assemblies to a biomedical manufacturer. The existing packaging method consisted of a custom carton with die cut foam inserts to support shipments in a longer supply chain. Cartons were stacked on expendable wood pallets and used for one cycle of shipments within the supply chain.

While our proposed reusable packaging system was not initially viable, our client simplified their supply chain allowing for this project to move forward. The parts are suspended in a textile hanging bag system allowing for part protection during transportation and handling. This system also provides for ease of loading/unloading of the parts along with enhanced line presentation for the operators.

The hanging bag system is suspended inside a custom shipping rack with casters and locking features. This allows for ease of movement within both facilities as well as roll-on / roll-off onto the truck supporting the local JIT shipments. While this system is commonly used by automotive industry, this solution is relatively new to the biomedical industry. Primary benefits are elimination of packaging waste, improved ergonomics, and enhanced line presentation.

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