Designing Packaging With the Customer In Mind (Or Not…)

Juice Bottle SKUPrimary functions of packaging include product protection, containment, and marketing.  Packaging professionals are challenged to meet all these goals while also giving consideration to cost and minimizing the environmental footprint.   Often overlooked is the utility or customer experience with the packaging and product.

On a recent trip to my local grocery store, we purchased a blended juice product.  Our family loves this juice.  As parents, it is part of our strategy to add some vegetables to our children’s diets without their knowledge.   (Great job by the company marketing this product!)

While the bottle is easy to handle and colorful, one important link (re: customer?) in the supply chain was overlooked.  When the cashier attempted to scan the bottle, she was unable to successfully scan the SKU and was forced to key it in manually.  She politely complained that this happens often and didn’t understand way the company didn’t “get it”.  The product SKU is located on decorative shrink-wrap near the bottom of the bottle on top of a series of ridges making the bar code difficult to read by the scanner.  She also noted that another company with a similar product just fixed this problem.

Manually entering the SKU only took a few extra seconds.  However, the cumulative amount of labor wasted might be significant.  We often overlook little things that have impacts on our customers.  Packaging often is the last opportunity to leave a positive impression with your customer.

A previous post, Wrap Rage | Making Lasting Impressions With Your Customers, discussed the impact of poor packaging and the opportunity to leave a positive impression.  Who are your customers?  What is your customer’s experience with your packaging?  How can your packaging be improved to to leave a positive impression with your customer?

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