TogetherFarm | Case Study



eCommerce packaging solution takes client from Kickstarter launch to retail strategy



TogetherFarm had just successfully completed their crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter and shipped out all their reward packages to their backers. At this point, the client needed support in development of a retail packaging solution. Initially they would be selling their Garden Blocks on Amazon.
TogetherFarm’s easy to use Garden Blocks are made from food grade recycled plastic and do not leach harmful chemicals into the garden. The client’s goal was to implement a sustainable packaging solution that would be in-line with their product and branding.



Our focus was on an eommerce packaging that would survive the rigors of the shipping environment while qualifying for Amazon Frustration Free Packaging certification. A few different shipping box concepts were presented to the client and ended up on a roll end tuck front mailer. To make things interesting upon opening the package, we decided to print the inside of the box with a branding messaging for this ecommerce method of delivery.

On neat idea the team has was to put the box to use once it was shipped to the end user. TogetherFarm had the incredible idea to allow the consumer to use the box as the weed blocking bottom of the garden box. The box graphics instruct the consumer to unfold the carton, cut, and use as the barrier.


Project Engineer

Keri Bernstein, Senior Packaging Consultant


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