Lensbaby Spark | Case Study


Lensbaby Spark | Case Study

Package redesign for self serve retailing in camera stores



The existing packaging for the Lensbaby Spark looked great but did not allow for retail camera stores to display the product on a peg board supporting the self serve market. Our client challenged us to create a new retail package that would work in the self serve retail displays.



Our approach was to start working with Lensbaby to create package concepts for review. Initially we drew sketches and then progressed to 3D CAD models for client input. Based on input from Lensbaby, we crafted physical prototypes.

After finalizing prototype, we moved forward with production of the new package. This package included a thermoformed recycled RPET component and a printed paperboard component. The primary benefit of this revised package allowed the camera shop retailers to display the product on a pegboard for customer interaction. The new package also allowed more space for informative graphics to educate consumers on their purchasing decision.


Project Engineer
Keri Bernstein, Senior Packaging Consultant



Download case study pdf.