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Rethink! | Aerospace Customer Achieves Packaging Cost and Waste Reduction


Company profile

Worldwide leading manufacturer and integrator of aircraft passenger cabin interior products for the commercial and business jet aircraft markets.


Business situation

Our client was awarded a contract to modify and retrofit Stow Bins on an existing fleet of 767 commercial aircraft for a German airline customer.  Stow Bins and retrofit kits were to be packed in the Seattle, Washington area and air freighted to Germany for installation.  Export packaging consisted of foam lined wood crates consolidated into several plywood overboxes.


Technical Situation

Common practice in the Aerospace Industry is to take a conservative approach to packaging due to relative expense of the parts and unknown handling/storage conditions.  This results in expensive over-packaging and excessive packaging materials for the end customer to recycle and/or dispose of.



Cascadia Packaging Group implemented conservative packaging strategies for the initial shipments ensuring program milestones were met and parts arrived without shipping damage.  We challenged the current packaging method and also investigated the Airline customer handling and storage for the Stow Bins in Germany.  The Airline customer advised that shipments were stored near the 767 aircraft in a controlled environment and parts were manually carried onto the aircraft for installation.

With documentation of the Airline supply chain and work practices, Cascadia Packaging Group implemented corrugated fibreboard cartons where feasible and minimized foam lining.  Primary benefits included lower cost of packaging materials, weight/cube reductions, and reduction of packaging waste.  The Airline customer was pleased with our efforts to reduce packaging waste and provide for ease of recycling.  These outcomes were a key factor in the award of new business to our customer.



Revised packaging method resulted in the following economic and commercial benefits for our customer for the Stow Bin retrofit project:

  • $45K cost reductions (packaging materials + air freight)
  • 15% packaging material reduction (by weight)
  • Key factor in award of new business



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