Audio Cable Mesh Bag

Audio_Cable_Mesh_Bag_ACascadia Packaging Group delivers innovative packaging solutions to solve our client’s challenges.  Our core strengths are the ability to understand our clients’ needs and propose viable solutions.  We offer a line of custom sewn solutions such as bags, soft cases, and protective covers.  Custom sewn solutions are used in a variety of industries including consumer products, retail, biomedical, aerospace, and automotive.

Our client designs and manufactures high end audio cables for domestic distribution and for international markets.  Their primary customers are artists, sound engineers, and music producers.  Cables were being packaged in clear polyethylene bags with a zip lock closure.  The poly bags were a low cost solution and provided visibility of their product.  However, their European distributors provided feedback that their customers preferred a reusable mesh bag similar to another product in the marketplace over the current polyethylene plastic bag.

Cascadia Packaging was challenged to design a custom mesh bag with a Velcro closure.  This sewn bag was to allow for retail display of their cables, incorporate an embroidered logo for branding, and allow their customers to reuse this bag for storage of the cables.

We worked collaboratively with our client to specify the material to meet their tactile and color preferences.  In the end, we delivered a cost effective packaging solution based on our clients’ design and performance requirements.  These new mesh bags offer their customers an improved packaging experience and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Applications of our custom hand sewn bags, soft cases, and protective covers are endless.  These provide our clients with enhanced product presentation, differentiation in the marketplace, and opportunity for reuse.  Contact us for additional details and to determine how best Cascadia Packaging can support your custom packaging needs.

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