5 Strategies to Great eCommerce Packaging

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Selling products online is a lot different then traditional Brick-and-mortar retailers, and the packaging should be too. Consumers have different expectations when purchasing a product online, plus packages have different requirements and see different damage in the single parcel distribution channels. Here are 5 strategies to keep in mind when designing your next package for eCommerce.


1. eCommerce Deserves its Own Package Design

Don’t just take your regular retail package and stick it in a shipping box. At Brick-and-mortar stores, consumers need information on packaging to help make a buying decision. With eCommerce, the consumer has already bought the product and therefore does not need that same information. Also, in brick and mortar retail stores there are typically concerns about theft, which means packages are usually designed to be hard to open. But when consumers order a product off the Internet they expect the package to be easy to open.

2. Control What Your Customers See

Being able to control what the consumer sees is a huge opportunity for a Company to create an enjoyable brand experience. A brand can create opportunities for consumer engagement and loyalty, not only with graphics but with other creative ideas depending on the product and customers. Think about what would be meaningful and appreciated by your consumers. We have seen everything from coupons and stickers to storage bags to Waterproof maps printed on the plastic mailing envelope.

3. Consider the Life of the Package After Shipping

Will the consumer be able to reuse the shipping package, perhaps to ship something else? Perhaps you want the consumer to repurpose the package, and use it for storage or even some other creative use? At the minimum consumers expect that the package should be recyclable. Don’t forget about the end life of the package and that your customer is the one who is going to have to deal with it, try to make it pleasant.

4. Right Size Your Packaging

Not only is oversized packaging more costly for materials, it is more costly in shipping costs. FedEx is going to start charging by size, not just weight. One can only speculate that UPS and other shippers will follow suit. This means designing a package with the right size is more important than ever. No one likes to pay for air.

5. Design Your Package to Withstand Shipping Environment

The single parcel shipping channel is rigorous. When shipping a single package it is prone to more drops from larger heights and not being stacked and packed as carefully. When products get packed and shipped to Brick-and-mortar retailers there are usually cartons full of the same product all packed together nice and tight, making the product much better protected. This means eCommerce packages need to have increased box strength and cushioning in the package to make sure the product gets to the customer in one piece.

Cascadia Packaging offers our clients strategic consulting services and innovative solutions.  How can be best support your needs?  Wishing you success in your eCommerce packaging journey!

Author: Keri Bernstein, Senior Packaging Consultant

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